Stock Market Challenge


Here at Veritas, the mathematics department has introduced a Stock Market Challenge in which all students from 8th grade Algebra 1 through our 12th grade Calculus students, compete against each other in choosing to invest in stocks, commodities and currencies.  Each session of investing lasts two weeks, and at the end of the session each student sells their 3 investments and buys back 3 new ones to hold onto for

The tension mounts as Mr. Thompson gets ready to reveal this session's winner in the Stock Market Challenge

another session.  Each student tracks their investment and carries out a set of formulas in order to calculate their profit or loss on each investment, which includes the fee to carry out the transaction, and their overall rate of return.  After reviewing their calculations, they then enter their data on the Veritas website under the stock market challenge tab.  They receive their rankings online and at school on the Monday following their session.  The winner of each session gets to wear and sign our stock trader’s jacket for the day, to show off their investing accomplishment.

This challenge not only opens up good dialogue with the students about the economy, government and budgeting, but also allows for students to practice precise calculations and data entry skills.  After they submit their numbers online, they receive a correction sheet where they can see their errors and make the necessary changes to their forms in order to track the current session correctly.  Each student practices mathematical concepts such as rounding, conversion of percents to decimals and vice versa, multiplying by decimals, finding rate of returns and calculating profit or loss. 

By practicing and learning these skills now, we hope to empower our students with the necessary skillset to be aware and even understand the cause and effect both in our nation’s economy at large and our individual bank accounts at home.  Students are able to observe the cycles in the market and the economic factors that impact it, as well as learning about investing tools such as profit-earning ratio, high-low investing, previous closes and the all important company, commodity and currency headlines.  All in all, this challenge encourages our students to be aware of the world outside of our classrooms and study the patterns that impact our economy, while practicing precise computations of formulas and numbers along the way.  Click the link below to see the standings - also posted on his bulletin board outside Mr. Thompson's classroom.  

Stock Market Challenge Site


Session #1 Winner
Josh Gilpin


Session #2 Winner
Garrett Cushman


Session #3 Winner
Cameron Ledbetter


Session #4 Winner
David Miller


Session #5 Winner
Loren Holl


Session #6 Winner
Avery Fleeman


Session #7 Winner
David Miller


Session #8 & #9 Winner
Josh Etterman



Session #10 Winner
Grace Thompson


Session #11 Winner
Aubrey Lewis


Session #12 Winner
Avery Fleeman


Session #13 Winner
Sammy Bradley


Session #14 Winner
Loren Holl


Session #15 Winner
Josh Etterman