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A few words of gratitude from our faculty.

We asked a few of our faculty and staff "Why are you grateful to be at Veritas?" Read a glimpse into their hearts below:

"It is a Christian School that I feel joyful sending my son to. Veritas students, parents, teachers and administrators value academic rigor. The parents and administration not only allow but expect me to build my teaching on Christ and the wisdom of God."

"I'm thankful to be at Veritas because it is a blessing and a privilege to work alongside so many godly men and women, both faculty and parents, who build up, encourage, and love each other and the school community."

"I know that His will for me was to be a science teacher at VCA. It is always a wonderful blessing to be in God's will for your life."

"Of the community of families and staff, as well as the emphasis not just on educating students academically but also in helping them see the importance of growth in every aspect of life.

“…it is a caring Christian community."

"Students are cared for and treated as image bearers of Christ at Veritas. We can worship together."

"I am able to teach their minds while molding hearts to be Christlike. I get to slow down and soak in the presence of God's craftsmanship and appreciate the gift of beauty all around us - the art work displayed, the beautiful hymns floating from the music room, and the nature on our campus."

"I value working in a Christ-centered environment. Children are eager to learn about God, and it is an honor to be a small part of their spiritual journey"

"I find great purpose in my work at VCA, but beyond that, there is JOY throughout my day interacting with staff, students and families. I don't take for granted that I love the work that God has called me to do."

"We have a place to share our faith courageously, the teaching is excellent, and the community is welcoming. I look forward to coming to work each day and working with my students."

"I see God's handiwork in my job at Veritas through..."

" students' goodness."

"...the faculty's morning devotions."

"...the bright minds and faces of my students."

"I see God's handiwork in our teachers who work diligently to provide our students with an exemplary education and who conduct themselves as role models for young people."

"I see God's handiwork in our parents who support our school and its mission. I see God's handiwork in our students when they take joy in learning and care for one another with manifest Christian love."

"...the winsome community of individuals that love Christ and who show Him to each other."

"How staff and even students are intentional about their investments into each other."

"...hearing the students talk about their faith, the passionate work of our teachers and community, and our students' artwork, music, and love for others."

"...the smiling faces and excitement that rolls in every morning with the students and teachers. Everyone is happy to be here!"

"The words we speak to one another and how we value others as precious God's eyes."

"Watching children grow and mature throughout their years at Veritas into the godly young men and women they are when they graduate. It is a transformation that we are blessed to see at a K-12 school."

"...the smiles, laughs, and occasional tears shared between students, teachers, and staff."

"...the arts, the discipleship of the students, and the study of God's word."

"...the dedication of my colleagues in teaching the good, the true, and the beautiful."

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