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Giving Thanks ALL Month

Every Thanksgiving rolls around and you will read it or hear it at least once, “for the Christian, Thanksgiving cannot be relegated to only one day.” We then generally respond with an amen and maybe a day or two of additional thanks. This year, we can do something about it. As a Classical Christian school community, let’s agree together to make this the most thank-filled month we have had in years.

I have it written down at my desk to begin the day offering up thanks to our God and Father for Veritas Christian Academy. I am so thankful for our rich Classical Christian heritage. I’m grateful for all of the men and women of deep faith who decades ago established a first class, top-form Christian Classical school. I am so appreciative of the thousands who have taught and learned here over the history of the school’s twenty-five years, and the many who have given so much of their time, resources, and money to bless Veritas.

Despite this bizarre moment, Veritas is being so richly blessed by God through His people that we should be offering constant praise and thanksgiving. Please pray this prayer with me at this time as we desire eyes always seeing God’s abundant provisions:

Most merciful Father, we humbly thank you for all your gifts so freely bestowed upon us: for life and health and safety, for strength to work and leisure to rest, for all that is beautiful in creation and in human life; but above all we thank you for our spiritual mercies in Christ Jesus our Lord; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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