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Time is of the Essence

At Veritas we aspire to make the most of every occasion. From the moment each child arrives in the morning until they depart at the close of the day, time is of the essence. Not in a hurry-scurry manner, or the way that the world counts time, but in the sense that we are called to redeem the time.

We want to be contrary to the spirit of the age as we seek to be attentive to making the most of every opportunity we have at Veritas. Only our Father in heaven who oversees all of time knows how much time each one of us has on this earth.

At Veritas we have acted to purposely slow the day down, to ensure that we fully engage each student whether at play or study. We know that a child learns best at rest. In so many schools there is unwise stress placed upon the temporary and vaperous. At Veritas, we know that what we do, what we teach and learn, and who we are has everlasting consequences far beyond the fleeting moment.

In a society where “time is money” and “lost time is never found again,” it is good to dwell in the presence of the One who enables us to redeem the gift of time He has granted us all. So, it is both our time and place at Veritas that are seen as Holy. That is, God has set aside all of our activities and endeavors for His purposes.

Much of our lives are divided by years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. At Veritas we want to inhabit all of this with the Lord. We dwell there with our Lord and God.

At Veritas, there is one Lord and one faith that stands over all as our authority. Every single administrator, teacher, and staff are called to constantly reside in His presence. We stand together with Him, one another, and all of our students.

Veritas strives to make the most of every moment. As a gift from God, time is a gift we need to treasure. Every moment is a time where the good, the true, and the beautiful can be enjoyed. The Classical difference strives to be mindful of every moment as a blessing from God and desires to redeem the time for God’s eternal glory.

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