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School Within A School

Our Mission:

To equip our students with the tools and skills necessary for academic success while building meaningful relationships and helping them discover the gifts and talents God has given each one.

In 2000, Mark and Teri Muir had a vision to establish the best educational program to integrate students with High-Functioning Autism into the mainstream classroom with individualized special education services in a Christian setting.


That dream was realized through the creation of the School Within a School. Students receive services within the mainstream classroom and also within the School Within a School setting, which is located within the main building.

In 2011, SWS expanded its services to include students with a variety of learning differences.  

  • Orton-Gillingham (phonologically based) is an instructional approach for reading and spelling.  We recently added Structured Word Inquiry (morphologically based) which creates in our students an understanding of the meaningful structures in words which not only improves spelling, but equips them to read for comprehension.


In 2019, SWS added the NILD Program (National Institute for Learning Development). Click here to read about this.

Study and Organizational Skills focuses on teaching:

  • study skills to meet various learning styles

  • note-taking skills

  • time management skills

  • test-taking strategies

  • reading for comprehension

  • use of a planner

  • organization of notebooks and locker

  • application of higher-order thinking skills


Classroom Support may include:

  • taking notes for a student, checking student notes to monitor note-taking skills

  • helping a student transition first thing in the morning and pack up at the end of the day

  • making check-lists so a student can learn to self-monitor

  • taking data on behaviors being monitored related to a student’s formal plan

  • monitoring unstructured times (lunch, recess, transitions) and specials (PE, art, music).  


The end goal is for the student to transfer these skills to become independent in the classroom.

Social Skills includes 1:1 instruction as well as small group instruction as applicable.  Assistance in the classroom and during specials and transitions is provided as needed and based on the student’s needs.

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