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The Grammar School 

The Grammar School includes Kindergarten through Grade 5. It is the first stage of the Trivium.

​We have prepared a feast for our kindergarten students. We desire that these little human beings who bear the image of their creator joyously learn as they explore all that they have inherited. Immersed in an ever-expanding world of sights and sounds, letters and numbers, fairy tales and nursery rhymes, God’s splendid creation and God’s wonderful Word, days are designed to evoke wonder and enjoyment. We have purposefully crafted the Grammar School to set the tone and pace for the many exciting years to follow at Veritas.

​Overall, the Grammar School focuses on the fundamental element, or grammar, of each subject area in order to build a framework for all future knowledge and lifelong learning. If you take a glimpse into a class at The Grammar School, you might hear students chanting a poem or part of a story, or reciting Scripture, or recounting historical events from the timeline. You may even see very young students presenting various projects, working in small groups, engaged in a discussion about a story or reading, or even playing games while learning.

The Grammar School is the best beginning.

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