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Physical Education

Exploring, enjoying, and testing our physical abilities along with engaging in the shared experience of group games and sport has tremendous benefits for our health, relating to others, and the development of character. The profound connection between spirit, body, and mind is not fully explored without our attention to the body God has made for us.



Grammar School

The Physical Education that takes place for our early Grammar School students is focused on body awareness and control that is fun for them and those around them.  This soon overlaps with practicing motor skills that furthers proprioceptor development and fosters coordination and balance.  By the time students reach second grade, they are being introduced to specific skills and terminology used in numerous athletic endeavors as well as receiving coaching in cooperation.


As students reach the later years of Grammar School, team sports and corresponding concepts of teamwork and strategy take center stage.  Concurrently, we begin to impart an understanding of personal exercise outlets that can enhance their overall health while promoting excellence in any sport they choose to participate in.  Knowledge of common team and individual sports fosters confidence of rules and systems found in many athletic endeavors.  Learning how to encourage and support one another on the field or court is a high priority. 

Logic School


During the Logic School years, students will be asked to further develop personal exercise habits by setting goals for improvement that coincide with a student’s interests and experiences in athletics.  Time is spent enjoying sports and games that have become favorites over the years while also introducing ones that come from other countries and cultures.  Furthermore, there is a focus on cooperative games in order to provide students with challenges to look beyond themselves for the success of the whole team. 

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