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The Logic School

The Logic School serves students in Grades 6 through 8. It is the second stage of the Trivium. It focuses on enhancing a student’s ability to think and reason.

As any parent can confirm, middle school-aged students are prone to challenge authority. However, their arguments are not always rational. 

Our teachers expertly guide this impulse towards a better end. In The Logic School, students acquire the skill to argue well. Lively classroom discussions thrive on the very meaning of terms and the veracity of claims. Exercising reason and imagination in real-time, students sharpen their sensitivity to invalid arguments and learn to build valid ones. 

By the conclusion of Logic School, students are beginning to understand that truth in all of its forms should not – and cannot – be acquired passively. Equipped with these new skills and insights and supported by the sturdy foundation established in the Grammar School, each student leaves the Logic School prepared for the demands (and great fun) of the Rhetoric School.

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