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The Rhetoric School

The Rhetoric School consists of ninth through twelfth grades. It is the final stage and culmination of our children’s classical education.

Rhetoric School continues to utilize the skills and habits developed in earlier grades- the memory of the Grammar School and the reasoning of the Logic School.  It builds upon these and emphasizes the cultivation of understanding and wisdom.  We do this through a robust, integrated curriculum where subjects are not taught in isolation from each other, but are integrated so that vital connections may be made and a fuller picture of civilization and humanity’s relationship to God emerges.  

In cultivating wisdom, we encourage the development of memory, reason, and understanding through a variety of techniques whose efficacy has been proven throughout the centuries.  Our students engage in vigorous, civil debate, hone the art of meaningful conversation in seminars, read and discuss the perennially important works from the past, and learn to express their thoughts through the written word.  We encourage the good, the true, and the beautiful in art, in music, in literature, and in worship.  In sum, we aspire to help direct young people on a path of lifelong learning, wisdom, and virtue.

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