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Convocation 2022-23 School Year

Dr. Woods charged Veritas Christian Academy with the following at Convocation this year. Enjoy praying this over our community:

Welcome one and all to the 2022-2023 Year of Our Lord convocation of Veritas Christian Academy. It is a joy and great blessing that the Lord has called this school into being and invited us into this school year. It is my hope in Christ Jesus that this year will be a year that the Lord our God is pleased with as we offer it to Him as our service.

Faculty and staff I am privileged to serve with you.. Please hear this charge as a fellow teacher/servant:

I charge you in the presence of the Lord that you remember every minute of every day that we dwell in the presence of no mere mortals. These children entrusted to us by God and their parents are image bearers of the creator and redeemer God. There are no mere mortals in this school.

I charge you to have that docile spirit that we hope for from our students that we are privileged to serve.

I charge you to be the eyes, ears, heart, and hands of our Lord Jesus toward every one of these humans in our classes.

I charge you to remember that while employed by Veritas Christian Academy you serve out your calling imitating the one who humbled himself and washed His disciples’ feet. As we teach, we take the towel and basin and serve these students in the name of our Lord.

Finally, I charge you to always strive to serve all within our Veritas community

--parents, colleagues, children, and guests. Seek ways to embody sacrifice, imitate the compassion of the Christ, and love one another as God loves us.

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