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Joy Comes in the Morning - Grandparents' Day 2022

As the Scriptures declare, “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” This is a grand truth from God’s Word that we have all experienced. God’s steadfast love endures forever and is always renewed for His people. The past few years have been occasions for weeping, but also occasions for seeing God’s sustaining goodness. On Friday April, 22, 2022, Veritas had a most joyous celebration with the LARGEST Grandparents' Day gathering in the history of Veritas! We had more than

Sometimes busy can just be just hectic, frantic activity adding up to more frustration than benefit. Sometimes it is the particular activity and sometimes it is the people involved in the activity. Other times, being immersed in a highly engaging activity is wonderful. This also often depends on the event and the people working together. When the right people engage in special events with the right dispositions, we move from busy to celebratory.

On Grandparents’ Day, we had over 300 of our favorite folks on campus. For weeks prior to this special day I heard the giddy excitement in the voices of little Warriors describing with great anticipation the presence of their grandparents. In the midst of the singing and chanting of all that had been memorized, there was sustained applause and a steady flow of smiles. Add to this the ever present hugs and kisses, and you will see why this is a day so loved by so many.

I am grateful to everyone who participated at every level to make Grandparents' Day such a blessing to so many. It took countless people, many unnamed and behind the scenes working tirelessly for many, many days. Our Father who sees in secret will reward according to His infinite mercies.

What a terrific time to be serving at Veritas. May our Lord be pleased with our continued efforts to offer a Classical Christ-centered education that brings Him glory and honor and is a blessing to all engaged in this one-of-a-kind teaching and learning.

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