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Q&A: A few facility improvements worth sharing!

Q&A with Dr. Woods & Mike Jennings, Facilities Manager

Over the summer, we had some folks who were busy at Veritas Christian Academy making some wonderful facility and campus improvements. Dr. Woods and Mike Jennings, our facility director, fill us in here:

Q: Mike, can you share with us first about the new bathrooms? (thanks to those who gave to our annual fund and Gala donations..!)

A: This summer we totally gutted the boys and girls restrooms on Adler Hall. We added new subflooring and tiled it with matching tiles from Lewis Hall. The walls were reframed and the existing plumbing was repaired/replaced. We added FRP to walls and painted ceilings. We added all new fixtures, mop sinks, and hot water in both restrooms. We also replaced the windows and vent fans.

Q: What other improvements and additions were made on campus?

A: We have a new roof on the gym and new gutters. We made some changes to the kitchen to for our new school chef, and moved the refrigeration and warmers to open up space for our culinary classes. We added a second oven and induction plates for cooking, installed a large mixer--which was kindly donated. SWS was also painted and reconfigured for the new Scholè Studio.

Q: Dr. Woods, can you share about the new chicken coop and how that ties in with our growing Common Arts program?

A: We are all so excited that an annual project in the fourth grade morphed into the presence of our new chicken coop. Of course, as a Classical school it is properly called Pullum Palatium. This new addition is bringing more Common Arts to our curriculum as we have been planning. We are expanding these offerings by having them connect to our existing culinary arts and current gardening efforts. We will continue to add common arts courses as the need and capabilities grow.

There are so many wonderful developments within the Grammar school as we are interconnecting nature studies, journaling, animal husbandry, and stewardship of God's creation. A hallmark of Classical Christian education is this synthetic approach to richer teaching and learning. We are doing more and more to connect the true, good, and beautiful to the whole learning experience at Veritas.

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