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Veritas Christian Academy Gala 2022

The word Gala has its roots in a family of words filled with the meaning of festivity and rejoicing. The last time Veritas had a live, in person, Gala was 2018. This past Friday, April 29th from approximately 6:00-10:00 p.m., more than two hundred members of the Veritas community celebrated so much good. We had a lot of talking, laughing, and fellowshipping to make-up. It was all so wonderful.

Spending an evening together, we celebrated God’s great workings and support for the next generation of Warriors. The event also included a delicious dinner, live music from our very own band “Trivium,” and a very encouraging talk from a graduate from the first class at Veritas. Our Gala provided the perfect opportunity to draw us together and unite VCA in the common goal of enhancing our school and the education of our children.

At Veritas, we are so grateful to God for all of the “behind the scenes'' workers who served for months. As you can imagine, an event such as the Gala has many moving parts requiring hundreds of hours of attention. Thank you for a wonderful evening! We are also so thankful for all of you who invited friends, family and acquaintances. It was obvious by the generosity of all present that Point Lookout was filled with those who have a heart for our school’s vision.

We are so appreciative of all of the event sponsors who laid such a great foundation for the entire event. It was clear that the Gala was immersed in prayers. We prayed for months that God would bless all of our efforts and that the spirit of generosity would be ever present. God was so good to Veritas. In addition to raising funds to upgrade the bathrooms, we were able to raise money that will go toward our School Within a School and tuition assistance.

We are so thankful to every single person who gave of their time, energy, and financial resources. The Gala is so much more than a fundraising event; it was a celebration of God’s goodness and where He will lead us into the future. Thank you all for joining us for this most wonderful evening filled with good will and merriment.

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