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Why Did Veritas Christian Academy Change Accrediting Associations?

During the past two years Veritas Christian Academy has undertaken the task of changing accrediting associations. “Why did we make this change from a broad accreditation to a specific group?” The short answer is that as a Classical Christian school, we desire to be fully accredited with the most recognized organization that only provides accreditation to schools distinctly like ours. Just as we seek specialists for health reasons (we would not go see an eye doctor for a sprained ankle), we have sought accreditation with an organization with a specialty. There are a number of accrediting organizations for Christian schools, but only one accrediting organization for Classical Christian schools. That unique and well established organization is the Association of Classical Christian Schools. We are extremely encouraged that we have recently been granted full accreditation with ACCS.

Key to our decision to change accrediting associations is the social drift that occurs with organizations. As the world goes, so do many organizations. All accrediting organizations are shaped by social, ideological, spiritual, and political agendas. The spirit of the age is very present in the mainstream accrediting bodies. The social and political priorities are present. This means that schools accredited by these groups will also have the social and political priorities strongly made known in the curriculum and school cultures. We are now accredited by an organization that has educational roots much deeper than our current social moment.

As the only Classical Christian school in this area fully accredited by the Association of Classical Christian Schools, we are honored to join hundreds of other Christ-centered Classical schools. Not only do we have external validation that we are a top-form Classical Christian school, we have constant accountability to stay true to our mission, and we have access to other member-schools to share resources as we continue to grow and mature in our commitment to Classical Christian education.

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