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Early Explorers Program
Ages 3 and 4

Students in this class typically turn 4 before February 1 of their Early Explorer year.  Students whose fourth birthday falls after February 1 may be accepted at the discretion of the Grammar School Principal.


*Students must be fully potty trained before entrance into the program.


The VCA Early Explorers are introduced to the idea of school in an engaging, discovery-based environment that exposes students to learning in an age-appropriate manner.  Classroom lessons are themed each week and center on literacy-based activities designed to foster children’s wonder and curiosity for God’s world.  Students engage in co-curricular classes such as art, music, and PE, and partner with older students for nature walks and story time.  The Early Explorers class is designed to develop students in the following areas:



  • Recognize written name

  • Articulate first, middle, and last name

  • Identify basic shapes and colors

  • Identify all uppercase letters

  • Rote count to 20

  • Identify numbers 1-10


These skills are developed through daily practice, phonemic awareness instruction, math games, and manipulatives.



  • Identify emotions

  • Put emotions into words

  • Appropriately express emotions


Emotional skills are developed through teacher modeling, role-play activities, books, and center time.



  • Follow two-step directions

  • Play appropriately with others

  • Express wants and needs with appropriate words.


Social skills are developed through teacher modeling, daily practice, and center time.



  • Manage clothing and outerwear independently

  • Walk in a group line

  • Sit correctly in a chair

  • Hold crayons with proper grip

  • Use scissors correctly


Physical skills are developed through teacher modeling, direct instruction, and routine practice.



  • Daily prayer

  • Introduction to major Biblical characters

  • Intentional habit and character training.


Students are nurtured spiritually through daily reading from children’s Bible storybook, Bible songs and crafts, and intentional training in habits and character.

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