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Taking Advantage of The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship

Since the beginning of private education in America there has been a recurring request from citizens who desire a portion of taxpayer funding to go toward a private education for their children -- in the form of either tax based vouchers or tax based scholarships. In recent months, North Carolina has joined the ranks of states that award such benefits to its citizens in the form of our North Carolina Education State Assistance, more commonly called the Opportunity Scholarship. While this funding has been available in North Carolina for families that fall within certain income brackets, recent legislation lifted restrictions opening funding up to all parents.

Historically, some people have feared that with the “giving and receiving of government funds” that the state government has certain “strings attached” that could lead to government intrusion or government overreach regarding curriculum or hiring policies. This is NOT something to be feared in North Carolina or the vast majority of the states that offer such scholarships. I once heard an attorney frame it in these terms, “the state government is as likely to tell you as an individual what to do with your annual tax rebate as it is to tell you as a Classical Christian school what textbooks to use and what 3rd grade teacher to teach those textbooks.” 

Veritas is diligent in ensuring that we remain a free Classical Christian school. While no individual or school is required to accept the Opportunity Scholarship, we at Veritas DO accept the Opportunity Scholarship so that we can offer families the additional assistance that is granted to the citizens of this state. 

KEY: The application window opens February 1, 2024 and runs through March 1, 2024. As with most states, once the funds are gone, then they are gone. We encourage families to apply early and if denied try to be added to a waiting list. If you are encouraged to apply again at a later date--please do so. Families seeking Veritas Tuition Assistance MUST first apply for the Opportunity Scholarship. A family does not have to receive the Opportunity Scholarship to receive Tuition Assistance, but they must apply to be considered for VCA tuition assistance.

Veritas will be sharing a podcast next Monday with more reasons to apply for the Opportunity Scholarship.

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