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The Value Added of Being a School of Verbivores

The language arts of reading, writing, thinking, and speaking are integral to the full scope and sequence at Veritas. While we have three distinct schools at Veritas (Grammar Prek-5; Logic 6th-8th; and Rhetoric 9th-12th) and we teach the trivium at Veritas, there is a strong sense that the entire trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric has expressions within all three schools.

In other words, we are attentive to words, the power of words, and the limits of words. We know that community is strengthened and weakened by words. We know that our society has come to value words less and less. We also know that our God is a God who esteems words. He spoke, with words, creation into existence. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. As a school we embrace the truth that humans are verbivores. We live, in part, by words. We are stewards of language.

It is our desire to instill within all of our students the skills to use language in a fitting and truthful manner and come to value the gift of language. The value added of being in a school community that treasures language, especially in a society that degrades it, is priceless. Over the weeks and months to come we will share in this newsletter and in podcasts our relationship with accrediting organizations that also place proper respect on words and an education that greatly values the language arts. We will share some amazing material about narration in our Grammar school, declamation in the Rhetoric school, and school-wide seminars.

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