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Classical Christian--Even in our Halls!

Many great schools are named for their founding figures. Within the Christian Classical school tradition that dates back thousands of years, we are indebted to countless men and women of faith and learning who laid the foundation for the education we provide at Veritas. I am very happy to announce that we secured permission from key estates to honor several significant people who profoundly influenced Christ-centered, Classical learning. You will see the signs go up soon, but we are naming our hallways after the following people right away:

  • New Grammar school building - C.S. Lewis Hall hereafter Lewis Hall

  • Old Grammar school building - Dorothy L. Sayers Hall hereafter Sayers Hall

  • Logic school hall - Mortimer J. Adler Hall hereafter called Adler Hall

  • Rhetoric school hall - Venerable Bede Hall hereafter called Bede Hall

  • Nature Center - Charlotte Mason Center for Nature Studies hereafter Mason Center

We will also be releasing some rich information about our specific indebtedness to the above people. In key locations there will be a picture of the person the hall is named after and some important information about their contribution to Classical Christian education in general and specifically to Veritas.

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