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Mindful of All of the Blessings

A great poet once observed that “thinking leads to thanking.”

This must especially be true for the follower of Christ. When we think about all of the good and perfect gifts that come from the Father’s hand, we are certainly moved to thanking our Father for how good he is to us. God has blessed us with so much good health, such cheerfulness at Veritas, volunteers who have already given hundreds of hours of service to the faculty, staff, and students already this school year. We continue to receive gifts for the new Grammar building, including a $20,000 this past week and the donor requested to remain anonymous but wanted it to be known that the gift was given “out of a grateful heart for all that Veritas has done for our family over the years.

God is so good and He is to be praised for all of the blessings that He provides to His people. Let us today take a few extra minutes and think about God’s goodness and thank Him for His sustaining generosity to His children.

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