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Academics at Veritas

Veritas provides an academic curriculum that trains students in the grammatical, logical, and rhetorical arts with an equal emphasis on the acquisition of the scientific and mathematical sciences.  The program aims not only to equip students with knowledge of the different disciplines, but also to aid their understanding of learning as the pursuit and application of truth.  The program’s distinctives include Latin instruction that begins in the third grade, a full year of informal and formal logic, a full year of rhetoric, the writing and defense of a senior thesis, and the age-appropriate teaching methodologies required of each subject.

Our Beliefs:

  • We work together with parents to offer the best education that the wisest parents would desire for their children.

  • Teachers and staff who serve in place of the parents during school hours, must genuinely model the fullness of the Christian life in word and action.

  • We aspire towards academic excellence and conduct that is honoring to God.

  • Academic and character development must go hand-in-hand to cultivate a love of learning that brings glory to God and shapes each student for Kingdom service.

The Grammar School

Grades K-5


The Logic School 

Grades 6-8


The Rhetoric School

Grades 9-12


Scholé Studio

Available to All Ages

Education Books Bookshelfs

Explorers Program

Ages 4 - 5


Veritas Civitas Program

For Homeschool Students

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